City Museum „Hohe Lilie“

The entertaining part of the exhibition in the City Museum “Hohe Lilie” is concerned with the interesting question of how such constructs of interpretation are formed and what manifest results they have produced. Under what conditions can works of art which are totally alien to the modern world be brought to life? How do the pictures appear in the eyes of the beholder? What do these works contribute to the process of interpretation? What does the beholder bring with him? And how much is owing to the “spirit of the age”?

For a good 150 years art history has been concerned with the “stone marvel” of Naumburg with multifarious and often contradictory results. Popular reception –  at  that  time  vehement – began at the end of the 1920s with a flood of  publications and reproductions, among which the expressive photographs by Walter Hege, a native of Naumburg and a pio-neer in the photography of architecture and nature, played a central part.